I’m in a Discord channel where every weekday someone posts a puzzle, and this week my first puzzle was posted. They’re always a lot of fun, and I wanted to send the person who did Thursday’s puzzle a message to tell them, but I forgot who made that puzzle. Can you help me? 


  • My puzzle, which surprisingly wasn’t a sudoku, was posted on Tuesday.
  • Monday and Thursday’s puzzles had the shortest and longest expected solving times, with 2 minutes and 4½ minutes, in some order.
  • The battleships puzzle’s solving time was 30 seconds shorter than the solving time of Wednesday’s puzzle.
  • The solving time of the hashi puzzle, which was posted earlier than Thursday, was a minute shorter than that of the sudoku.
  • CrypticFiend and DrLogic created the battleships and tents puzzles, on Monday and Wednesday, in some order. DrLogic’s puzzle was expected to take 30 seconds longer to solve than CrypticFiend’s.
  • BurrBuilder, who never makes sudokus, always likes the expected solving times for his puzzles to be a round minute. This week his puzzle was shorter than mine.
  • The galaxies puzzle is always posted on Thursday or Friday.
  • Solving times are always rounded to the nearest 30 seconds, and this week no one’s puzzle took the same amount of time. ETPuzzler’s puzzle had the longest solving time.