EnigMarch is a daily puzzle creation challenge. Every day in March, @EnigMarchHQ will share a prompt that can be used as inspiration to create any kind of puzzle you like, from cryptograms to mazes to chess problems to those fruit-counting ones you see on Facebook. All skill levels are welcome, from expert puzzlesmiths to absolute beginners—you don’t have to create a masterpiece, just something that’s convincingly a puzzle.

You can choose to challenge yourself and come up with a new puzzle every day, focus on one each week, or create whenever the prompt sparks your imagination.

Increase your puzzle-writing prowess, test yourself, amuse your friends, confound your enemies…it doesn’t make a difference what the purpose is really, as long as you’re having fun. Feel free to share your creations with the hashtag #enigmarch and we’ll all bask in the puzzly glow together!

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